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Worry Warriors - take that anxiety!

25th July 2022

Worry Warriors - take that anxiety!

The transition to secondary school can be very daunting for many reasons, such as finding your way around a much bigger site without getting lost, making friends,having more homework and making a good impression with your teachers.

That is why WPS organised workshops with the Wandsworth NHS to help the Year 6 pupils identify their anxieties and to give them strategies to cope with them. As a school, we prioritise our pupils’ wellbeing until the moment they leave us and therefore we think it is imperative to get experts in to help make the transition to secondary school as smooth as possible.

Aptly named, The Worry Ninja workshops were spread over several weeks and delivered by wellbeing practitioners who were very calm, understanding and reassuring. They went through the cyclical process of how certain thoughts lead to particular behaviours and how to get out of that cycle with a range of techniques including breathing, distraction and other calming mental strategies.

It was very insightful and the pupils got to put their new knowledge and skills into practice in order to be able to use them effectively, should they need to. They are now ready to combat any fears and anxieties they may experience.