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February Half Term

10th February 2023 | Head's Blog

February Half Term

As we approach the half-term spring break, I can’t help but feel this term has flown by at an incredible rate with so much happening here at Wandsworth Prep.

Our children were fortunate enough to travel back in time last week with our Victorian Day for the lower school. Everyone dressed for the occasion and the classroom was transformed into a school room from the 1800s, complete with an abacus, slates and two very strict teachers!

As I think back of the last half term, the highlights have been immense. The stand out moments include a visit from local author Maz Evans, who visited Wandsworth Prep to share details of her literary powers with the Upper School pupils. Ancient Greek mythology was woven into several units across the year groups, so it was only fitting to have a session on the Who Let The Gods Out book series.

Alongside this, we took a trip to space in an Explorer Dome. The children loved this immersive experience as it helped them visualise space and the digestive system.

Earlier this half term, Year 3 took a trip to the British museum to learn more about Ancient Greek history and the children across the school have taken part in an array of competitions and events football fixtures, maths challenges, ISA tournaments and more!

It is safe to say that every term at Wandsworth is full of exciting, enriching opportunities for pupils and staff to learn in creative ways. All I can say is that I am excited to see what comes next. Stay tuned for more!

Next half term, we will be focusing on the value ‘Be Resilient’.

I would like to wish you all a very restful half term break.

Kind regards,

Laura Nike