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How affordable are private schools?

13th March 2023

How affordable are private schools?

There are many factors to consider when choosing where to begin your child's education. It might be the distance from home or the availability of after-school clubs, but cost, affordability and value for money are all things which we carefully consider when choosing the right school.

Private schools can be more affordable than you think

Independent school annual fees can vary from £12,000 to £40,000 depending on region, whether the school is primary or secondary, boarding or day. In 2022 the average annual fee for private day schools in the UK was £15,655.

At Wandsworth Prep School, we are proud to offer children an exceptional education for less than the national average fees. Our fees are £5,165 per term, totalling £15,495 per year.

Are private schools worth the cost?

When making the vital decision on where to educate your child, it is important to consider value for money. A fee-paying school with a high-quality provision will set your child up for success and further their life chances. The benefits of smaller class sizes, specialist teachers, extra-curricular activities, an enhanced curriculum and quality facilities are incomparable as we highlighted in the Benefits of a Prep School Education.

The hidden charges you can incur when sending your child to state school are often not considered by parents. How much more expensive are private school fees once you factor in school lunches, breakfast clubs, after-school clubs, transportation and trips? There can also be the secondary cost of employing tutors to supplement your child's learning if they are falling behind.

At Wandsworth Prep, we provide greater flexibility for busy parents with free wraparound care. Wraparound care begins in the morning with the breakfast club. Children can be brought to the school from 7:30 am and will leave the breakfast club as school begins. Your child’s time at breakfast club can be spent, catching up with homework or socialising with friends. Each child will be given the option to have a healthy and nutritious breakfast costing as little as £2.50. Pupils can also stay after school until 6:00 pm, participating in games, homework or extra-curricular activities. We ensure that there is a place for everyone.

How does Wandsworth Prep compare?

At Wandsworth Prep we’re proud to offer competitive rates which enable families to access a high-quality education for their children in those critical early years. We provided a simple analysis of some of the schools in our local area.

At another school in Wandsworth, their fees are an average of £5,610 per term, making their yearly fees £16,830. Outside of their clubs after school, they also have an afterschool provider which comes at an additional £14.20 per evening.

Similarly, another school in the Wandsworth area have fees which are £5,876 per term, making the total year £17,628, and while they do provide free wraparound care in the morning starting at 8:00 am, they charge for the after-school care by the half-hour and only go until 5:30 pm.

When compared with another school in Wandsworth. the fees average out at £7,070, creating a staggering £21,210 per year average, not only this, but their wrap-around care doesn’t come free either.

How can I manage the school fees?

We offer an interest-free monthly payment scheme, which can allow for easier budgeting and help make payments more manageable for parents. The fees for each term are split into three equal instalments and paid during the first three months of the term.

All fees include school lunches and Wraparound Care, and for a second child in the same family there is a reduction of 10% per term and for a third and subsequent child there is a reduction of a further 10%.

Wandsworth Preparatory School subscribes to the Early Years Grants schemes administered by Wandsworth Borough Council. Grants are deducted directly from the school fees on a termly basis, entitling parents to 15 hours a week of nursery funding.

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