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The Importance of Residential Trips in Prep Schools

15th May 2023

The Importance of Residential Trips in Prep Schools

Each year, we see more schools embracing the importance of outdoor education in their curriculum by way of day trips, residentials and Forest School.

A Residential trip is more than just a holiday or fun trip away, they are in fact a key part of the national curriculum. Teachers are able to create unique experiences in outdoor learning, which have the ability to enhance pupils’ classroom learning, which is particularly important with London schools, where access to the natural outdoor environment for daily learning may be limited.

Next week, our Upper School children head out on their Residential Trips. This year, Years Five and Six will be visiting France and Years Three and Four will be heading to Windmill Hill.

At Wandsworth Prep, our seven values are strongly linked with the traits and characteristics the Residential Trips provide our students with the ability to develop, particularly Be Collaborative, Be Independent and Be Resilient.

Both Residential Trips will provide our students with teambuilding opportunities. While Years Three and Four will spend their three-day trip participating in Water Sports, Raft Building, Campfire creating and more, Years Five and Six will be delving deeper into what this trip will do for them and provide them with the opportunity to reflect more openly on their learning.

For Years Five and Six, they have a particular focus for the trip, last year was the World War, while this year is about Human Geography, reflecting on what they have learnt in lessons within the real world. This trip is also a great opportunity for our pupils to develop their French-speaking. The classes will have objectives such as finding items in the markets which have the same initial as their name.

At Wandsworth Prep, we provide a wide range of activities for our pupils to take part in learning outside of the classroom, whether it be Residential Trips, Forest School, Trips to the National History Museum, Trips to the Sea Life Centre, Mud Lurking on the banks of the Thames, or more. We plan our activities for our pupils to not only enjoy but find enrichment in their learning and engage with teachers, peers and their learning in a different environment.

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