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Year Six Interviews: The 11+ Preparation with Syd

22nd May 2023

Year Six Interviews: The 11+ Preparation with Syd

At Wandsworth Prep, we place emphasis on creativity, independent thinking and asking questions. We want to ensure that children are enjoying their learning, whilst also providing them with the tools necessary to prepare them for senior school entrance exams.

Our Year 6 students have now received all their offers, and are over the moon with where they are heading. Therefore, we thought we’d interview a few of our pupils to give an insight into what it is like to go through the 11+ Preparation process here at Wandsworth Prep.

This interview took place with Year 6 student Syd, where we asked him several questions to gauge his experiences, thoughts and feelings on the 11 Plus. 

  1. Overall, how did you find the 11+ preparation and how did you find the exam?

I found the 11+ exam prep stressful at first - I think everyone expects it to be - but personally, I think the school did a pretty amazing job in preparing us. It was a lot of hard work, but everything we had been taught came up in the exams. The school also provided access to professionals from Bellevue to coach us further in interview skills, which made the process more enjoyable.

  1. What did you find the most challenging about the 11+ preparation?

The most challenging aspect for me was Non-Verbal Reasoning. That, and pumping myself up to make sure I had a good attitude to get myself through the test.

  1. Do you feel that Wandsworth Prep thoroughly prepared you for the 11+ exam?

Yes, in the way that my teachers were just great people. They didn’t forget one bit of learning we needed to cover. Every single bit we needed to learn was in front of us and readily available.

  1. What advice would you give someone about starting the 11+ preparation?

Don’t stress over the small things, it's actually not that bad! It is nowhere near as bad as you think it is. It's hard - expect it to be really hard - but if you are prepared like we were, you’ll be fine.

  1. What school are you heading to next?

I will be going to Trinity School in Croydon, which is part of the Whitgift Foundation. I also got into Royal Russell on an academic scholarship.

  1. Do you feel ready for the next school?

Absolutely, I’m ready to move into a bigger environment and lead the next stage in my life, but I will miss everyone at Wandsworth Prep.

For more information about the 11+ Preparation at our school, book a personalised tour with our Head, Laura Nike. Email us at or call 0208 870 4133